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Authorized CPR, AED, and/or First Aid Training Sites

An approved training site, is a private for profit company or private non-profit company that agrees to meet and/or exceed the course requirements as mandated by the American Heart Association and CPR Montgomery. All of these training sites have instructors that are affiliated with the Fire/Rescue community in Montgomery County Maryland.

Any and all fee's charged by these training sites do not constitute income for the American Heart Association, the Montgomery County Government and/or CPR Montgomery.

Please contact these sites directly, not through CPR Montgomery.

Eastern Shore CPR and First Aid
Richard Mullins

Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Dept.
Mike Livingston

Scott's First Aid Co.
Robin Scott

Montgomery College - Takoma Park Campus
Kathy Dayton

Gaithersburg Washington Grove Vol. Fire Dept.

Life Rescue Training
Amer Tobing

CPR Training; Amy Gunn
Amy Gunn

Metz CPR & First Aid
Jeffery Metz

Heart Rescue CPR and First Aid Training, LLC
Wayne Patullo

Keep the Beat CPR & First Aid Training
Kevin Brenner

CPR Baltimore
Mike Goldberg

CPR Delivery
Mr. Stacey Jones

CPR, AED & Safety Education
Judy Carver

Acute CPR & Advanced Life Support Training LLC
Cheryl Lubbers

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